"You're a minor..."

I hate those words. All of my friends are minors and they're allowed to go off on their own. But no, I'm gonna miss my chance to see Every Avenue, The Summer Set, The Audition, Sparks The Rescue and Callahan because I'm a fucking minor. Why don't I get to do anything? I am seriously the most boring teenager alive! Why do I even have friends? I'm just a pathetic existence and waste of space. If I can't go to a fucking concert, what's my purpose? I have dedicated my life to music. I can't make it, but I promote it. How am I supposed to do that if I don't have any fucking freedom?! I just want to scream and punch somebody in their fucking face right now. My vision is blurred with angry tears and I feel s headache coming. Go ahead, put the pathetic waste of space in even more misery. I fucking hate my life. I don't ever get to do what I want. EVER! Fuck this shit. I'm just gonna hide in my closet and cry.

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  1. trust me chloe you are not worthless and you do get to do things. you get to hang out with your best friend all the time and that's always something special, you get to go to movies and stuff and you're way too talented to be worthless. if anyone is worthless its me, i dont do anything. you may not get to go to this concert but there will always be others, you're good at promoting music so stick to it, when your family sees how dedicated you are then they'll understand and then they will hopefully let you out, keep your head up