"House, The Movie Not The Tv Show"

Okay this was supposed to be up yesterday, but my phone kept spazzing and wouldnt send it so I threw it in my hamper....


I hung with Ellen, Sarah and Kasey yesterday. We rented House and I'm pretty sure none of us really watched it. Afterwards was just random. Here's one a sample of one of me and Kasey's convos.
Kasey- "Toge toge prriiii!!"
Me-"Pika pika. Pika chu?"
"bulba bulbasaaauuur"
"Charmander charrr... Dude! Charmander sounds like Charlie the unicorn!"
"We're going to Candy Mountain, Charlie. Candy Mountainnnnn!!"
"Shun the non believer. Shuuuuuunnnnn"

Hahahah it was a great night. Oh and some of our funny moments watching the movie

"There's a garager now?"

"Someone missed the potty"

"Ew! My Eye! It touched my eye!"

"I'm being molested." "Want some pie? It'll be our little secret."

Haha, you had to be there

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