This has been a bad weekend. Its gonna be a bad week as well. More or less Saturday night, my mom and dad were arguing or whatever. Next thing I knew my dad was gone and my aunt and grandma were here. My dad's phone and car were still here though. My aunt took me and my siblings to their house and my grandma stayed with my mom. I didnt say a word the whole trip there cause I knew I would burst into tears. I still didnt say anything as they settled into the house. I just took out my iPod and drowned myself in the music. I went into my cousin's room, I knew they expected me to go to sleep, but I wasnt. I stayed up and watched the Cowboys win, then SNL. My dad walked in close to the end. I'm pretty sure he walked there. As soon as he walked in, I couldnt hold the tears anymore. I'm still confused on whats going on. After SNL went off I watched Scrubs then South Park. They tried to get me to sleep again, I wasnt going to. I wanted to go home. My grandma came and got me later and took me home. I walked in and went straight to my room. My mom came in and sat down with me. I ended up crying some more in her arms. Her (to be
continued when I get to a computer)

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