We tried again to get Bry trending. Its funny though, cause the dude that organized this (@iTTSZACK) barely tweeted at all! Me, Emily (@emilykmccall), and Selina (@selina_falcon) tried to get it trend. If it had trended it would've been because of us. Bry's "official" street team did nothing. They don't promote him. They just like having the title of "Official Bryant James Street Team". Please. They don't update their Myspace. Yet they get pissed when Gerry (Bry's manager) doesn't answer their email?! C'mon now, he's a busy man. The Ohio, Florida and Fresno teams shouldn't be doing more than the "official" team. But anyways, since we did work the hardest Bry said he would give us something. He said he was drawing something. The first thing that went through my mind was, "Can he even draw?!" The answer is no, haha. So we'll see what he's got cooked up. I mean he already owes me some Reese's and Mountain Dew, haha ;)

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