Playing With Photoshop

So I was bored all day. Butler Tech didnt have school so yea... Anyways I messed around with photoshop again and made an even better twitter layout. By better I mean better than my Caleb one, lol.



And just for your entertainment, here's the Caleb layout I made.

Before gradient was added-

After gradient was added-

See, my Tanner Layout is waaaaay better, ahaha. No, this does not mean I'm getting better. It means I can bullshit my way through it, ahahah.

Osup, I think Tanner maybe slowly replacing Caleb in my lineup. At least he replies back to me, lol.
Oh yea, he said he was gonna call me "ChaCha"

I wonder if he'll remember when I see him at Warped in July.

I'm planning on getting him a chipotle gift card. And I'm getting AJ a sarbucks card. Not sure what to get Brendan and Garrett. But, I made them a mix cd of some of my fave songs off my iTunes and I'm making them bracelets.


I'm such a fangirl

But I love it


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