o(^_^)o<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I finally had a legitimate convo with him
(p.s. Obvs I lied on Twitter, I know you all loves me ^_^ I just really needed him to answer me)
It was really just one big misunderstanding
We were both having bad weeks and took it out in each other :P
We're all good now
We talked for 5 straight hours, lol
Just like we used to ;D
He likes me too >.< heeheehee
I had to force it out of him >:)
But I won!
(speaking of winning Bryant owes me a shirtless twitpic to prove he has a six pack)
Its so funny tho, I was answering Formspring questions all day and Seth kept popping up in them, lol.
Someone said we would look cute together, haha ;D
idk, haha, I'm just really happy right now and hope nothing breaks me down :)