I Can Only Try...

Everyone notices I'm depressed right now. When I tell them why they don't understand when I say I HAVE to get over you.
Talking to you made my life a little better, but now you're ruining it. You're ripping me to shreds and you don't even realize it. I don't know, maybe I shouldn't have fallen for someone with depression. You're stuck in the hole you've dug, and every time I throw you a line you pull it in with you.
I don't want to be depressed anymore.
People don't realize just how much they need me when they lose me. Nia realized it too late. Now her life is in the trash and she's categorized as a slut.
I know for a fact I was one of the few people that made you smile. But you just keep pushing me away. I'm gonna try and program my heart to say I don't care about you. I shouldn't be in this much pain about someone who obviously doesn't care about me. Goodbye.
Oh, one more thing. I was crying as I wrote this. Add that to your conscience.

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