I'll Keep It To Myself Next Time...

Ok, the situation I mentioned in my previous post was I told Seth I liked him.
You happy?

I seriously just might not tell anyone I like them anymore. It never goes over well for me. I'm all confident then I just deflate. It happened first back in middle school.
Thomas Gaines.
Cept with that, I was humiliated to no end. But now I'm over it. Sorry, but I dont want someone that sleeps around and cheats.

First, I told him Ellen thought we should go out. He was confused on why I didn't want to tell him that so he was like "why is that bad? I mean I have nothing negative to say. I just live wat to faraway". Then I told him I liked him and conveniently my phone loses its signal... The convo was picked back up this morning. It was all just really complicated and ended up upsetting me in the end.
It was like he didnt want me to like him. He kept putting himself down, acting like he was nothing.
I'm just not gonna say anything next time.
Sometimes, I really hate my confidence.

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