So yesterday, I had a total of $40 including a Target giftcard. I was on a mission for new music. I went on Twitter asking for suggestions and of course Asberry supplied them. I discovered I like Hawk Nelson and Falling up and that I can tolerate H.I.M and Smile.DK. So I decided that's what I was going to look for. We walk into Target and it smells like pickles 0_o. Ok... I go back to electronics and...NONE OF THEM ARE THERE!!!!!! So, then I get upset and just walk around in circles trying to find something to buy for 10 bucks so I can get rid of the stupid giftcard. I ended up buying Cobra's album Hot Mess. Then we went to Half-Price Books, I saw Will and Eddie. And I got the 6th Harry Potter book for $3!!!! AND ITS A HARDBACK!!!! After that we went to WalMart the Land of Cheaper Music. Once there, I immediately went to Electonics. My lil brother was rushing me so I had to look quick. Once again, THEY DID NOT HAVE WHO I WAS LOOKING FOR!!! I might have to go to Best Buy for that. I left with 3OH!3's cd, Demi Lovato's deluxe edition of Don't Forget and Metro Station's cd. Yay for music! So I went home that night and got on the computer to upload it all to iTunes. Little did I know, iTunes went through a major upgrade so it was acting ridiculously slow. So, I only got to add my burned copy of BLG's Love Drunk and the Metro Station cd. So here I am right now on the computer again adding the rest of my cds. I also have to burn Ellen copies of them as well, luckily that only takes like two minutes. I only have 2 cds to go. Wish me luck



First Post

So, I'm gonna try and start bloggin lol. I'm gonna try and post my stories here, hopefully it will be easier to get them typed up that way. So..yea...just I don't know...I don't blog lol

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