So yesterday, I had a total of $40 including a Target giftcard. I was on a mission for new music. I went on Twitter asking for suggestions and of course Asberry supplied them. I discovered I like Hawk Nelson and Falling up and that I can tolerate H.I.M and Smile.DK. So I decided that's what I was going to look for. We walk into Target and it smells like pickles 0_o. Ok... I go back to electronics and...NONE OF THEM ARE THERE!!!!!! So, then I get upset and just walk around in circles trying to find something to buy for 10 bucks so I can get rid of the stupid giftcard. I ended up buying Cobra's album Hot Mess. Then we went to Half-Price Books, I saw Will and Eddie. And I got the 6th Harry Potter book for $3!!!! AND ITS A HARDBACK!!!! After that we went to WalMart the Land of Cheaper Music. Once there, I immediately went to Electonics. My lil brother was rushing me so I had to look quick. Once again, THEY DID NOT HAVE WHO I WAS LOOKING FOR!!! I might have to go to Best Buy for that. I left with 3OH!3's cd, Demi Lovato's deluxe edition of Don't Forget and Metro Station's cd. Yay for music! So I went home that night and got on the computer to upload it all to iTunes. Little did I know, iTunes went through a major upgrade so it was acting ridiculously slow. So, I only got to add my burned copy of BLG's Love Drunk and the Metro Station cd. So here I am right now on the computer again adding the rest of my cds. I also have to burn Ellen copies of them as well, luckily that only takes like two minutes. I only have 2 cds to go. Wish me luck


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