Hallows Eve

So I'm at Ellen's and we're rockin out to Fall Kills The Calendar. Then we get this brilliant idea. We set it aside and go watch the first Harry Potter. The idea keeps popping up. So around 8pm we get up and go to six...SIX!!! different places looking for these props. We find one.But the other just so happens to be at the first place we looked. It was waaaay better and waaaaay cheaper. FML, right? We also witnessed a little kid almost die 3 times!!! First he almost tipped the cart, then his brother put him back in the cart head first and lastly, he tried to get out himself.


That is all.


Wake Up Call

So if you read this blog, you should know I have Twitter. And I have a cell phone. Hello, Device Updates. So I have Kade Holloway, the hott lead singer from The Hit *drools*, just so happens to be on my updates. This is the tweet I woke up on:

kadeholloway: Nachos, Lemonheads, my Dad's boat. You won't go down cuz my dick can float!

Thank you so much for that Kade, haha.


Push Play Concert!!!!

Omg it was amazing! I was in a bar with some frickin hott guys. *swoon* Let's go through a play-by-play.

My grandma felt sick, so we dropped her at home and my uncle took me and Dominique to The Basement. The private m&g was supposed to be and hour before doors, I don't know what happened. But I was standing in the cold for 2 hours. Then we had to go into a separate building to meet the band. I got hugs from them all. These girls brought them buckets of candy. And Steve stuck his whole face in it, haha. Push Play signed my heart :) And my cd. Then I took a pic with them. Then I went inside The Basement w/ Dominique, we stood on this podium thing so we could get better pics. We waited an hour then this band Fall Kills The Calendar came onto the stage. They're all cute, but their drummer, Drew, wow! If looks could kill. They rocked that tiny stage. I got a picture with all of them and I bought their cd and a shirt. My pic with Tim was the best, not gonna lie. After them, Phil Bensen, another cutie, hit the stage. He had a cold but he still sounded amazing. He threw his pick amd me,Dominique and three other girls went searching for it. I got it;) When he finished we went to go get pics with him. But these two jerks wouldnt shut their fat mouthes. They see us and the continue to talk. So Phil goes,"Look, I'll talk to you guys later." Then he turns to us. He signed the pick for me and wegot pictures then afterwards he goes,"I mean, if you want we can hug it out. I'm a little sick though." He is so sweet! I bought both of his cds. Then it was Push Play's turn. Steve walked right past us so we yelled "Hi Steve!" then my uncle made fun of us for it. Then Derek and Nick walked by. Then CJ. They were amazing! They played everything from Found but See My Soul, Starlite Addiction, another old song who's name has left me, the Beastie Boys and the promo rap. Like I said. Amazing. Their Midnight Juliet was this girl Gabbie Brown. They said we were the smallest group,but the loudest! I bought a shirt and they signed it and we called Rachel and she talked to Tim.
"i love you. No, I don't think you understand. I love you!" Omg it was so funny. Then we three-wayed Ellen and had Push Play say hi to her, Rachel and Sarah. Haha, and they thought we wouldn't get them anything. They were all so so nice. OH! Just had and Alexander moment, haha. After we got pics with Push Play we found Drew and Jake. Dominique tried to get them to sign her arm and I tried to get them to sign my jeans, but my uncle wouldn't let me -_-. Me and Jake had a 5 minute conversation on whether or not he should sign my jeans. It was so much fun! This pwned the Jonas Brothers by so much. Best night of my life yet. I can't wait for the next one. But I am mos def going to the next Push Play, FKTC and Phil Bensen show thats here.


My Girl Berii Pt.2


Beautiful; in both the inside and out
Equally artistic; both musically and artistically
Rebel; she dares to be different
Intelligent; she really is, I learn lots from her
Independent; she likes to work solo, but I'm glad she lets me in

I love you, Berii :) And thank you, thank you so much for the notebook and being my friend :)

My Girl Berii Pt.1

I'm sitting in current world issues, CLEARLY not watching that stupid Iran video, and I take out the gorgeous notebook Asberry got me. I stared at it for a good 10 minutes wondering what to do with it.
"Its so pretty! I don't want to write in it...that would destroy it. But...why would I carry a blank notebook? Maybe I could doodle in it... nah, I can't draw... I have enough notebooks with stories. Oh yea, I still haven't finished the latest installment to my Operation series. I don't even remember what I wrote... What's the chick's name? I know it starts with RA cause I wanted to name her Rae, but I legit overuse that. Then Randy said I sho---RANDI!!! That's her name! Oh yea, Randi and Jake said ily to each other and Randi and Cheri were gonna break up. Wait... how did I... wasn't I supposed to be figuring out what to do with this thing? Wow! Hmm...I wanna write a poem...THAT'S IT!!! Since I lost my mini, I'll use this to write poems in! Yes! Problem solved! Now...what the hell is going on in this movie?"

That was literally my convo with myself. I'm not joking. Haha


Bus Chronicles #1


Why can't this bus driver drive faster? Plow down the cars!!! We'll survive! I promise!

I knew I shouldn't have bought that hot chocolate 7th bell...but it was sooooooo good.

I HAVE TO PEE!!!!!!!

My leg keeps shaking cause I have to pee sooooo bad. Then on top of that I had to sit through part two of that stupid Iran movie that bored me to death. And I can't go to sleep cause Dooley is RIGHT THERE, eyeing me like a hawk. IM SORRY IM NOT INTERESTED IN THE MIDDLE EAST!


Currently listening to Found by Push Play; Prepping myself for the concert Saturday! :)


Tragedy Has Struck...We're Out Of Peanut Butter

I am semi-freaking out. I can't log into Twitter!!!!! I'm on my phone's mobile web. I can get to Myspace, Facebook etc...everything, but TWITTER. The one that counts. This is worse than me breaking my phone and not being able to tweet.


T-T I'm gonna cry! And I haven't gotten any tweets since 5 sonething so my phone's gonna attack me with vibrations.

Oh yea...I have Pre Calc to do...but that's not important. Top priority is Twitter.

*Shakes phone violently* GIVE ME TWITTER!!!! NOW!!!! GIVE IT NOW!!!!


PS The title is a quote by Alex Gaskarth, lead singer of All Time Low


Reminiscing About Tomorrow

Yesterday Berii reminded me of how I said I like half naked men. Then she asked me what about naked men. And apparently I said we just have to be on a first name basis XD haha I miss our times in credit recovery and creative writing. Since we're out of the classes I will admit right now that I had a crush on Jeff in CR and Michael in CW. Yup, I said it and I'm not taking it back. *hits backspace*

Tomorrow I am hanging out with Berii for the first time since my birthday, which is in June btw. I also get to meet Berii's boyfriend, Nicko for the first time. Whenever me and Berii get together, you never know what's going to happen. If Nicko is anything like Berii, all hell may break lose at the Springdale 18, haha. I'm excited though.

P.S my iPod is on shuffle and the past three songs have been Relient K 0_o This happened earlier with Love and Reverie. It happens only in three songs, that's the wierd part.

So far, So Great

I knew my day was gonna be good after I watched that video of Kade answering my questions.Here's why it was so amazing:

We didn't have to clean in culinary

We started 3D gingerbread house models instead

I tweeted about making mine and listening to Love And Reverie and they tweeted me back saying I may have inspired them to make a GingerBread House Making Soundtrack

I got not one...not two...but THREE slices of FREE pizza. SCORE!

We had a sub in Pre Calc

We had an EASY quiz in Chem

No more boring Iran videos in Dooley's. Instead we did a crossword :)

So far this day has been amazing. Hope it stays that way for awhile. Tomorrow I get to hang out with my bestie Berii and her boy Nicko :)

Wakey Wakey

When I wake up in the morning I turn on my light so I'm not tempted to go back to sleep. Then I usually just lay there for 10 minutes. Then I sit up and go through the 50 or so messages twitter left on my phone. I had a tweet from Kade Holloway saying he made a video of himself answering the questions we sent him. So I clicked the link and watched the 9 minute video to see if he answered at least one of the questions I asked him. He did. Both of them, back to back. That made my morning. Hopefully today will be a good day. Now that I've found a way to blog without the assistance of a computer, you may see a lot more up here.

Oh yea...I just remembered we have to clean the culinary kitchen today....-_- When we're done I'll just block all that out and retain my good morning.


Friends, How Many Of Us Have Them

So on Twitter this girl (@alenalovee) started following me, berii and Nicko.. This was a few days ago btw. So today everything was goin good. Then Nicko mentioned how band practice was canceled...blah...berii had a surprise for him...blah...oh wait, this is where Hiroshima comes in. Bitch says, surprises are so second grade. Last I checked she doesnt have a boyfriend so how the hell would she know whether or not bros before hoes applied? Shes fucking 14 and comin at us reckless. She's been hardcore hitting on Nicko like its ok. You dont boof on another girl's boyfriend. She said she was prettier than berii. Bitch, by your comments theres no doubt in my mind your ugly on both sides. We blocked her, but imma keep checking my email to make sure she doesnt follow me again. She was stalking berii. She fuckin googled her! She looked up her dad! WTF?!?!? And she claims shes not creepy. Imma kabooshbabiff© that ho. I cut her up on twitter haha. Now she knows you
dont fuck with my friends or I will forreal forreal hunt you down.

The Dark Chipmunk



I lost my mini book of poems. I wanted to post one of them up here, but I cant find it.