Wakey Wakey

When I wake up in the morning I turn on my light so I'm not tempted to go back to sleep. Then I usually just lay there for 10 minutes. Then I sit up and go through the 50 or so messages twitter left on my phone. I had a tweet from Kade Holloway saying he made a video of himself answering the questions we sent him. So I clicked the link and watched the 9 minute video to see if he answered at least one of the questions I asked him. He did. Both of them, back to back. That made my morning. Hopefully today will be a good day. Now that I've found a way to blog without the assistance of a computer, you may see a lot more up here.

Oh yea...I just remembered we have to clean the culinary kitchen today....-_- When we're done I'll just block all that out and retain my good morning.

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