My Girl Berii Pt.1

I'm sitting in current world issues, CLEARLY not watching that stupid Iran video, and I take out the gorgeous notebook Asberry got me. I stared at it for a good 10 minutes wondering what to do with it.
"Its so pretty! I don't want to write in it...that would destroy it. But...why would I carry a blank notebook? Maybe I could doodle in it... nah, I can't draw... I have enough notebooks with stories. Oh yea, I still haven't finished the latest installment to my Operation series. I don't even remember what I wrote... What's the chick's name? I know it starts with RA cause I wanted to name her Rae, but I legit overuse that. Then Randy said I sho---RANDI!!! That's her name! Oh yea, Randi and Jake said ily to each other and Randi and Cheri were gonna break up. Wait... how did I... wasn't I supposed to be figuring out what to do with this thing? Wow! Hmm...I wanna write a poem...THAT'S IT!!! Since I lost my mini, I'll use this to write poems in! Yes! Problem solved! Now...what the hell is going on in this movie?"

That was literally my convo with myself. I'm not joking. Haha

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