So far, So Great

I knew my day was gonna be good after I watched that video of Kade answering my questions.Here's why it was so amazing:

We didn't have to clean in culinary

We started 3D gingerbread house models instead

I tweeted about making mine and listening to Love And Reverie and they tweeted me back saying I may have inspired them to make a GingerBread House Making Soundtrack

I got not one...not two...but THREE slices of FREE pizza. SCORE!

We had a sub in Pre Calc

We had an EASY quiz in Chem

No more boring Iran videos in Dooley's. Instead we did a crossword :)

So far this day has been amazing. Hope it stays that way for awhile. Tomorrow I get to hang out with my bestie Berii and her boy Nicko :)

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