Friends, How Many Of Us Have Them

So on Twitter this girl (@alenalovee) started following me, berii and Nicko.. This was a few days ago btw. So today everything was goin good. Then Nicko mentioned how band practice was canceled...blah...berii had a surprise for him...blah...oh wait, this is where Hiroshima comes in. Bitch says, surprises are so second grade. Last I checked she doesnt have a boyfriend so how the hell would she know whether or not bros before hoes applied? Shes fucking 14 and comin at us reckless. She's been hardcore hitting on Nicko like its ok. You dont boof on another girl's boyfriend. She said she was prettier than berii. Bitch, by your comments theres no doubt in my mind your ugly on both sides. We blocked her, but imma keep checking my email to make sure she doesnt follow me again. She was stalking berii. She fuckin googled her! She looked up her dad! WTF?!?!? And she claims shes not creepy. Imma kabooshbabiff© that ho. I cut her up on twitter haha. Now she knows you
dont fuck with my friends or I will forreal forreal hunt you down.

The Dark Chipmunk

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