Worst Day Ever

Today was shit. Not crap, shit. School was............... And I fucked up in practice. Fucking cut myself. Broke a fucking glass. Come home to find someone's been in my room. Remind my mom about AP, Bamboozle and Warped. And naturally she shoots down AP cause its in Columbus. Then she throws the minor card on Warped and Bamboozle. Saying she's never heard of them. Bitch, you dont listen to my fucking music. Then she says how I'm not living my life if I'm stuck in my room with my phone. If you dont let me do shit how am I supposed to live my life? I hate you and I cant wait to get out of here. I'm moving to a different state. I'll get the money somehow. I'm tired of your shit. You dont respect me so why should I respect you? Fuck you. I hate you. Just fucking kill me now, end my fucking misery. Fuck this shit. I just want to die.



For the third straight year, the Bamboozle Festival will go mobile this summer with the 26-city Bamboozle Roadshow. Boys Like Girls, LMFAO, All Time Low and Third Eye Blind will headline the tour, which kicks off at Maryland’s Merriweather Post Pavilion on May 21st. Good Charlotte, Hanson, hellogoodbye, Forever the Sickest Kids and Cartel are also on the bill, and more artists will be announced soon. (The lineup will vary from location to location, so check the tour’s official site for updated info.)
As Rolling Stone previously reported, Weezer, Paramore, Drake, MGMT and Ke$ha will headline Bamboozle’s New Jersey fest on May 1st and 2nd, and AFI and Something Corporate will lead the charge at the California event on March 27th and 28th. The ever-expanding Bamboozle is also setting up a Chicago outpost on May 15th with 3Oh!3 and Cobra Starship fronting the bill.
Pre-sale tickets for the Roadshow go on sale March 3rd. Check out the tour dates below:


June 19th Babee!!!


Saviour - Lights

Awh pisssss
I'm back to square one...
Jack is moving to Florida :(


Don't Wake Up - iRival

Hey guys! How are you? I'm amazing thanks for asking. So, first off I discovered that I can flirt! Yay! So yea, his name is Jack and OMG so so cute <3 He makes snake bites look sexy. He is soooo sweet too! So yea, I'm getting better at this. Jack's actually in the same state as me unlike a certain bi guy that's currently leaning towards his gay half. Jack's in Columbus :) two hours away. Ellen's gonna be mad though, since she's soooo convinced me and Seth are gonna get married. I laugh every time this comes up. Okay, enough about Jack. For now. On to the other one. I don't know what's going on with him. I've been trying to talk to him all weekend. Hanging with Kasey and Ellen yesterday and hoping for a text. I eventually said, "Oh he'll probably text me in a couple days upset over something... dont know why I'm worrying." I totally called it. He was tweeting in spanish first off and lucky me knew what he was saying. So I texted to ask if he was ok,
(...cont. when I get to a comp. stupid phone)


Poppin' Champagne - All Time Low

I hate her.

I Hate her.

I HATE her.


Second, time I win fucking free tickets and I cant fucking go. Wanna know why? Cause I'm a fucking minor. Fuck you! Who gives a fuck if they sell alcohol?! Its not like I'm gonna drink it! And I'm a lot tougher than you think. I can handle a drunk college guy. AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and guess what, on top of babysitting my brother and sister. I have to babysit my fucking cousin too! I'm not allowed to touch the fatass either cause they know I'll hurt him if they do. WHY THE FUCK IS MY LIFE SO FUCKING MISERABLE?!!?! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS SHIT?!!!

fuck piss shit bitch


Over You - Honor Society

So yesterday was pretty amazing. I helped this company called Inspire&Infect get publicity on twitter and... wait for it... ended up winning two free tickets to Close To Home's show Saturday! Thing is, Josh Wells, CTH's guitarist, runs the clothing company. I was soooo shocked when I found out I'd been talking to him the whole time! He was like "So I see you're from Cincinnati. How do you feel about the band Close To Home?" Me being slow... took me awhile to put two and two together. I also got their new EP for free! So awesome!
I was able to make it to a lil of Bry's Ustream. I ended up missing all of Idol tho -_-' I missed an hour cause of the chat and the other because of the stupid converter box >:0
I also discovered that I shouldn't flirt. But I won't go into that...
Um... Oh! AyyLucky is following me! You wouldn't know him unless you're on youtube like I am.
Um...I think that's it. Ta!
Oh, last night was also the first night Seth said bye to me :( No, that is not a good thing..



I hate Valentine's Day
I hate this weekend
Just seriously fuck my life right now
If my parents werent going through this stupid shit right now I'd be going to Same As Sunday's concert tomorrow. I mean you wonder why I just stay in my room all day. BECAUSE THERE'S NOTHING TO FUCKING DO! I already feel worthless as a street team leader, now I'm even lower on the scale. I've missed yet another of Bry's ustreams... I cant promote him at SAS concert, I cant even watch him perform tomorrow on ustream. Nothing is going right for me right now. No one tells me anything anymore. One more year and I'll be 18. I dont know what I'm gonna do or where I'm gonna go, but I need to get away from here. Out of Ohio. I want to be close to New York or Texas. Closer to music.


Only Horses Have Feelings

I'm going to start titling my blogs with the title of the song I'm currently listening to. Lets see how long this lasts...

So first off, I was talking to Bry a couple days ago, I asked what he thought I should do in the music biz. He said I should go into marketing then he said I would also be a good manager. That was pretty cool coming from him. But yea, later that day we got him to 700 followers and he went on ustream to show his Pauly D blowout. Of course I miss it. Wanna know why? Because unlike most of his followers I don't have my own computer. I mean, this is the first time I legitimately felt like a worthless street team leader. I feel like I miss out on a lot cause I don't have my own computer. Even an iTouch can get on Ustream! I don't know... but after hearing how great it was I felt like complete shit. I missed soooo much =[ Hopefully I'll be able to see Same As Sunday Saturday so I won't feel as worthless as I do. Seeing as Bry's show is Saturday as well and unlucky me doesnt live in MA...


Snowed In...

So today fucking sucked ass...
My dad cancelled plans on me... wtf?! We were supposed to go see Sherlock Holmes, but noooooo!!! He wants to see it next week. Whatever...
Today just sucked so much!
And to top it off, do I get a reply from Tanner? NO! He fucking tweets someone that tweets AFTER me. WTH!!!
That didnt make my day any better.
I'm just gonna go find a dark place and cry. I dont know... maybe I WILL go bury myself in the snow and hope I suffocate.
Fuck snow
Fuck my life
Fuck everything!



Okay, listen here twinkies. Me and Seth are NOT getting married. We're NOT going out. We're nothing but friends. Now that that's all cleared up...

I had my first legit competition practice today. I sucked so bad... I went 10 minutes over the time limit. Forgot a crucial ingredient... uhhhh it was bad.

I swear, I am going to kill Mr. Meridieth. I hate him. I hate his class. UGH! I legit wanna shoot myself everyday I walk in there.

Ugh...I am just beyond stressed and aggravated.

And a happy note...

check out her blog! http://sincerelyberry.blogspot.com =]


Newport On The Levee

So tonight, instead of working on my plan sheet like I was supposed to, I went to NOTL with my fam. It was for my cousin Tyon about...something dealing with football. Idk. Well we got these game cards and we could play an hour's worth of games. My ass stayed at Tekken lol. Then I somehow lost my card... it was in my back pocket and I was sitting down. How does that happen? Then another cousin, Barry, let me use some of the time on his card. I went back to Tekken XD In KY you can smoke in buildings so I would go to the back room to breathe, lol. Then Barry gave me the card and let me use the rest of the time. I played legit Guitar Hero for the first time and got an 89%!!! Ha, I've only played it on my DS. Not bad for a first timer, ay? Oh yea, I saw Preston Brown there with his gf who's name I cant remember at the mo. And it wasnt random either, they were there for the same reason I was. He doesnt know me and vice versa so I didnt say anything. BTW, Tyon
has some cute friends ( ALL TALLER THAN ME >.< )