Newport On The Levee

So tonight, instead of working on my plan sheet like I was supposed to, I went to NOTL with my fam. It was for my cousin Tyon about...something dealing with football. Idk. Well we got these game cards and we could play an hour's worth of games. My ass stayed at Tekken lol. Then I somehow lost my card... it was in my back pocket and I was sitting down. How does that happen? Then another cousin, Barry, let me use some of the time on his card. I went back to Tekken XD In KY you can smoke in buildings so I would go to the back room to breathe, lol. Then Barry gave me the card and let me use the rest of the time. I played legit Guitar Hero for the first time and got an 89%!!! Ha, I've only played it on my DS. Not bad for a first timer, ay? Oh yea, I saw Preston Brown there with his gf who's name I cant remember at the mo. And it wasnt random either, they were there for the same reason I was. He doesnt know me and vice versa so I didnt say anything. BTW, Tyon
has some cute friends ( ALL TALLER THAN ME >.< )

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