Worst Day Ever

Today was shit. Not crap, shit. School was............... And I fucked up in practice. Fucking cut myself. Broke a fucking glass. Come home to find someone's been in my room. Remind my mom about AP, Bamboozle and Warped. And naturally she shoots down AP cause its in Columbus. Then she throws the minor card on Warped and Bamboozle. Saying she's never heard of them. Bitch, you dont listen to my fucking music. Then she says how I'm not living my life if I'm stuck in my room with my phone. If you dont let me do shit how am I supposed to live my life? I hate you and I cant wait to get out of here. I'm moving to a different state. I'll get the money somehow. I'm tired of your shit. You dont respect me so why should I respect you? Fuck you. I hate you. Just fucking kill me now, end my fucking misery. Fuck this shit. I just want to die.

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