Don't Wake Up - iRival

Hey guys! How are you? I'm amazing thanks for asking. So, first off I discovered that I can flirt! Yay! So yea, his name is Jack and OMG so so cute <3 He makes snake bites look sexy. He is soooo sweet too! So yea, I'm getting better at this. Jack's actually in the same state as me unlike a certain bi guy that's currently leaning towards his gay half. Jack's in Columbus :) two hours away. Ellen's gonna be mad though, since she's soooo convinced me and Seth are gonna get married. I laugh every time this comes up. Okay, enough about Jack. For now. On to the other one. I don't know what's going on with him. I've been trying to talk to him all weekend. Hanging with Kasey and Ellen yesterday and hoping for a text. I eventually said, "Oh he'll probably text me in a couple days upset over something... dont know why I'm worrying." I totally called it. He was tweeting in spanish first off and lucky me knew what he was saying. So I texted to ask if he was ok,
(...cont. when I get to a comp. stupid phone)

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