Over You - Honor Society

So yesterday was pretty amazing. I helped this company called Inspire&Infect get publicity on twitter and... wait for it... ended up winning two free tickets to Close To Home's show Saturday! Thing is, Josh Wells, CTH's guitarist, runs the clothing company. I was soooo shocked when I found out I'd been talking to him the whole time! He was like "So I see you're from Cincinnati. How do you feel about the band Close To Home?" Me being slow... took me awhile to put two and two together. I also got their new EP for free! So awesome!
I was able to make it to a lil of Bry's Ustream. I ended up missing all of Idol tho -_-' I missed an hour cause of the chat and the other because of the stupid converter box >:0
I also discovered that I shouldn't flirt. But I won't go into that...
Um... Oh! AyyLucky is following me! You wouldn't know him unless you're on youtube like I am.
Um...I think that's it. Ta!
Oh, last night was also the first night Seth said bye to me :( No, that is not a good thing..

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