Crazy Ass Weekend

I had the wierdest, most confusing weekend of my life. Long story short, my best friend's boyfriend asked me out. But, what made it even more confusing is she was ok with it. I felt so bad cause I was being harsh. But there really is no nice way to say no. I've mentioned many times before how I don't like him or think he's cute. I didn't want to hurt anyone, but there's no nice way to reject someone.
Yesterday, he did it again. Then got jealous when I said I wanted to give my new friend Seth a hug. I got really upset then kinda angry. We should know by now that nothing nice comes out when I'm upset. Thankfully, Seth made me smile again. So I'm sorry to say that I have no angry poems to show you, haha. But I am writing another new story. I'll post it as I go. I've got a good feeling about this one.

I'll write more later :)


The People I Call My Friends =3

This post goes out to the people I consider as my BEST friends. I love you all deeply.

Put Yo Hoodz Up! - Sarah, Me and Ellen

Ellen, Sarah and Me

My Girl Berii

Ellen, Teed, Me and Josh 

Look What Berii Made!

My bestie Berii made these aren't they cute/cool?!


Just A Couple Hotties

Kade Holloway (The Hit)

Alex Wiese (BackDrop)

Zack Merrick (All Time Low)

Caleb Turman (Forever The Sickest kids)

Namesless Story

I'm wondering if i should put it on this blog or make another blog for it...but that seems like a lot of work so I may just add it here...but then that could get confusing...oi vey @_@

Anyways wanna know how cool I am? I IM cute guys from bands on Facebook and AIM. YEA! SUCK IT!

Haha, sorry I just had to post something since I hadn't in a while.

Love ya!


Cinci OH Bryant James Street Team

Most likely the only street team I will ever put this much time and effort into.


Did I Seriously Just Do That?

I didn't mean to.
Don't know what was going through my head.
I just inadvertently texted Bryant a poem.
The last time I did this it ended badly. F.Y.E I'll post the poem.

I just wanted to thank you
For being such a friend
I just wanted to thank you
For being nice when no one was
I just wanted to thank you
For speaking with me honestly
I just wanted to thank you
Even though you deserve more than just a thank you.

I stopped writing poems for/about people and showing them after that past experience. Bry said it was cool and that he was flattered. I still dont know what prompted me to send it tho


Shower Toilet? pt 2

Sorry, phone email cut me off. Anyway:

I went to go tell Mike and the mom. And they both shrugged. I'm like what?! Your kid just jumped in the toilet!! Then Mike says,"Oh so he's doing the shower toilet again? Haha, some things never change." I look at him in horror and confusion. Then...I wake up.

Craziest dream I've had in a while

Shower Toilet?

So I had the wierdest dream ever! I woke up at three then drifted to sleep at 4..In the dream I was a this random person's house. Mike from Honor Society was there and he was holding a kid, who was apparently his niece. We were walking around the inside of the house. Suddenly Ms.Singh appeared in front of me, walking in front of ne with a little boy. Its wierd cause I dont have her as a teacher. We walk past a bathroom and Justen and Whitney are sitting in there talking. Justen gets up to give me a hug. I dont know why...I would never hug this kid. Then the little boy lets go of Ms.Singh's hand and walks into the bathroom. He says ok its time.I didnt even know this kid could talk! The kid pulls off his pants so i assume he is peeing cause thats how little boys are taught so they dont pee on there pants. Then the next thing happened really fast. He pulls off his shirt then jumps in the toilet. I start freaking out so bad, my hands start shaking and Justen
is looking at me like I'M the one that jumped in there.