Crazy Ass Weekend

I had the wierdest, most confusing weekend of my life. Long story short, my best friend's boyfriend asked me out. But, what made it even more confusing is she was ok with it. I felt so bad cause I was being harsh. But there really is no nice way to say no. I've mentioned many times before how I don't like him or think he's cute. I didn't want to hurt anyone, but there's no nice way to reject someone.
Yesterday, he did it again. Then got jealous when I said I wanted to give my new friend Seth a hug. I got really upset then kinda angry. We should know by now that nothing nice comes out when I'm upset. Thankfully, Seth made me smile again. So I'm sorry to say that I have no angry poems to show you, haha. But I am writing another new story. I'll post it as I go. I've got a good feeling about this one.

I'll write more later :)

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