Friday Night Phone Call

So I'm on Twitter (naturally), and Caleb Turman posts a picture amd it says "Give me your number. I think we should hang out." idiot fangirls actually posted their numbers and they got pranked. So I called them out on Twitter and then Seth tweets me back and says "Agreed! Let's prank them." So I go "Ok, if you do it I will" "Hahah call me"

And I can do that cause I gots his number, haha. Oh yea, btw I was at Ellen's while this was happening. So I called him, haha. More or less we talked about FTSK and the wierd ass fangirls. He also told me how he kinda became friends with FTSK. Its funny cause Seth is a lot cooler than he thinks.

He's the only guy I've physically called in months. The last guy was Bryant and I don't remember about what but it was something musical.

Oh! I also called Ellen's boyfriend David. It was funny cause we were all slap happy and Ellen tried to eat me...etc.

This is a wierd post...I jump around alot...why doesn't my brain function normally?!?
Oh yea,its because Ima lefty

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