Hip Hop Navidad

So first off, not gonna lie I've been texting one person since I got out of school, haha. My inbox is fi;led woth their name.
Anyways, Josh brought Justin to Club tonight. Also Josh gave me the rest of his Rockstar >.< They are so cute together :) Of course Josh made fun of me since I tweet 24/7. But that's normal now. Ellen won the Random Raffle and there was soup in it and Justin goes, "Ooh! Soup!" Haha, then we go to Wendy's and I noticed Justin just like staring off into space; Josh noticed too and he goes, "Quit judging people!" And Justin kinda jumped and was like, "I'm not!" It was so funny. Cause at one point he whispers to Josh about the people behind us, "O hate them." "You don't even know them." "I can just tell." Haha, by far the best Club yet. And Landis was back for announcements this week. Haha :)

P.S CALEB CUT HIS HAIR! He looks even more adorable now =3

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