Dream From The Bowels Of HELL

I dreamed twice tonight. The first was under my control, but the second was during that time when you're like just about to wake up. Anyway, I was at Jungle Jim's with Cassie and Cierra. Cassie got pissed at me for something and stormed off. So I went in the opposite direction and Cierra went somewhere. Later, I saw them both carrying huge cakes, so I go to where they where and see bags and bags of free pieces of cake. So I go up there and Conor joins me. We both are looking through for the best pieces. Then the cake like turns into all these papers, but we don't notice and keep going through them. Then I find $20. I gave half to Conor since he was there and we decided it was real. Then out of nowhere, here comes Nia saying, "I guess you're not as good as we thought." I jump and turn around saying, "HOLY SHIII-CRAP!!!!!" It was really loud and everybody looked at us. Then Nia walked away smirking.

Thanks a lot...

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