Cha Cha

So Bryant has been signed to Bad Beat Entertainment and he now has an official logo. I made a new myspace pic for the street team and Bryant said it was awesome and his manager called and said it was really cool. So that was awesome, haha.
Josh's birthday was Saturday and we went to see Brothers but before that I was on the phone with Britton Campbell from This Is Energy. Did I mention how awesome it is talking to band guys?
I'm trying to think of what else happened thiscweek, but I'm coming up blank. OH WELL!
Ha, I was talking to Seth again and he was playing Cranuim Dice with his cousins. It was so funny just listening from my side of the phone, haha. Also, we are both convinced that @lillardator and @itzmesteve may be the same person.

Whoooooo, lol
Like guys doing head spins and girls doing robots. Spies for the redskins and squirrels sporting mohawks? No, not mohawks, I said they're doing robots!

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