6 Hour Phone Call

So I most definitely did not get any sleep. So after the lineup for Warped came out, I called Seth and we talked about how FTSK wasn't on that list. We were just like talking about random things. Then he mentioned that oje of those crazy stalker fans got not one, but TWO replies from Caleb. So we're both pissed and I go to twitter and tweet "I think @Calebftsk1 hates all his normal fans..." Seth RTd me on both his personal and his site twitter. I don't even remember what we were talking about when it happened. But I checked my texts and I just dropped what I was saying and said OMG over and over. I scared Seth a bit. Cause I had also started laughing hysterically. Caleb Michael Turman frickin DMd me! He had to have read my tweet off Seth's account since he RTd me and since Caleb follows Seth's personal. But in reply to my tweet, he said "No I dont. Luv u boo" AHHAHHAAAAAAAA!!!! Later on he DMd Seth that he knew that wasn't true. Aha! OMG that was an
amazing way to start off break. Seth is amazing. Love him =)

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