Two Is Better Than One - Boys Like Girls (Fuck Yes!)

So today was the regional culinary competition at Cincinnati State. Dude, I was so fucking nervous. I forgot puff pastry, extra cream cheese, tasting spoons...ugh! But guess what... I got first place. Thats right. I'M THE BEST IN OUR FUCKING REGION!!! FUCK YES!!! I posted it on twitter, facebook, I texted people. WHOOO!!! I'm going to State! And so is Jr.Team, and Sr. Banquet. Logan,OH/Hocking College here we come! Haha. Oh, I texted Seth and Bryant. Bryant said he was proud of me :) As did Berii. Seth on the other hand is being a big asshole. I'm done. I mean it this time. I'm not gonna talk to him until he talks to me. I will no longer make the first move, he's not stealing my joy.
I might be going to Cracker Barrel with my mom for breakfast, but plans may change. I am however going to Golden Corral with the fam to celebrate soon.
I'm hungry :/ I had sushi for lunch! I got California rolls nom nom nom and pizza when I got home.
I'm more tired than hungry soooo....NIGHT!!!

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