I Swear This Time I Mean It - Mayday Parade

Jack is back : ) I dont know if I mentioned that already. He moved to Florida and he said he s coming back to OH for spring break. His is March 22 - April 7 and mine is April 2nd - 12. He said he d try to visit me :) I ve really let my guard down. Whenever I talk to him... it just drops. It s too late to try and put it back up. He said he likes me, I like him too, but I ve had many a guy lie to me. That s why I m really concerned about how I just let my guard slip. I don t know, but right now, he s the only guy talking to me. And the only one I forsure like. Trent is legit sending me one comment a day... Seth... he s ignoring me again. I know when he starts talking again, he ll deny he was ignoring me. I think I m officially over Seth, I swear this time I mean it. Sorry, I wanted to fit the song in, haha. He keeps pushing me away anyway. I let my guard down around him too. I put way too much trust in him when he gave me none. He knows a lot about me and
I barely know anything about him. I ve learned.

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