Don't Let Go - Fall Kills The Calendar *REPOST WITH CHANGES*

Every concert I go to, the present one always tops the first.

I went to The UG with Ellen, Sarah and Dominique to see FKTC. Me and Dom hadn t seen them since October. We legitimately hung out with them the whole time! We saw Jake first, Ellen likes Jake so I went with her to get a pic. We saw Eric all alone at the pool tables. Then Trent from Remember When joined. And they both said they sucked dick at pool lololol. Eric showed us a magic trick, which Drew totes ruined, haha. Then Eric came back up to us and was like, We re gonna play a game... It s called Teamwork Then I go, You want some pizza, don t you? He had told us earlier that he hadn t eaten. So and Ellen bought him two slices xD He told us a story about his prom and how he ll be 21 next month but everyone thinks he
's like 12. Oh and I pulled a total creeper move. Dom was getting into another prom conversation, and Eric was playing with his now empty plate, and I had my camera in my hand so I turned it on and slid next to him. it would've totally worked if no one noticed, hahah. Then Eric ditched us cause he had to take a smoke so we hung out with Neff at the merch table. Me and Ellen told him about the music video we tried to make and he thought the "Shh I'm a mountain" part was hilarious, so he said if we yelled that when they played he would try and get the rest of the guys to play Dont Let Go. We also told him about Eric's little game. And I saw Neff's tattoo so I asked him what it was. It was a religious tat and then he said, "It needs more work. A LOT of work. So... we're gonna play a game. Its called Teamwork. Everyone pitches in to buy Neff a tattoo." We kept talking and eventually Drew and their merch guy came back from getting food, but Drew went backstage cause he was uncomfortable eating in front of people. Eric tried to scare us but failed epically. But he eventually got us. We each got group pics with FKTC and each one was pretty epic, haha.

When the show finally started, New Royal opened. Caleb, the lead singer had on an 'I <3 Haters' tee it was pretty sickkk. I got some pretty good shots of Addison and Zach too. Next up was Make This Your Summer. The lead singer Keith was wow... His mic stand was right in front of me. Which basically means his crotch was RIGHT THERE. And he kept doing these like squat bounces XD I later found out that the bassist Tyler goes to Butler Tech with me. And no I haven't said anything to him cause I'm scared..
Next was All This Time. They were amazing. Mike the lead guitar was right in front of me. Next was Remember When, besides FKTC they were my favorite band. Jared, one of te guitars, was in front of me and I swear he is a mix of Kade Holloway and Alex Gaskarth. I got a pic with him :) And some awesome pics in general cause he was RIGHT  THERE! but seriously, Remember When... awesome. Next up was the amazing Fall Kills The Calendar.Seriously, the guys rocked the stage. You could tell they were in their element. I can't wait to see them again. :)

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