Bruised And Scarred - Mayday Parade

Sarah Harms is in my bad list right now. She s been talking to Trent. And now apparently they like each other and she gave him her fucking number. I m so pissed. I don t even know what to say. Just once... I wish it was me. She already has two guys after her. Mind you they re assholes... but I have nothing. I ve always had nothing. Just once, I want it to be different. Is that too much to ask? I m actually surprised at how strong I am. With all the crap I ve been through, I should be seeing a psychiatrist or be cutting myself, but I m not. I know I always say I give up, but I never do. I think I may mean it this time. I hate this so much. Why does this always happen to me...

Oh and I like how she texts Ellen and says Trent texted her. I hate you. Is it mean to say I hope he breaks your heart? Good.

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  1. i am knowing how you feel...this aalways happens to me, and dont feel too down. (not to be mean but idk how guys like her....???????) you're lovable, not just likable. dont give up and get you sum!! dont mind whatever she's doin, keep talking to him she cant stop you. do what YOU want, this is your chance!