Dinosaur - Ke$ha

So Seth s back. And just like I predicted he was all moody. But I wasnt gonna let his bad mood phase me cause I was talking to Jack at that moment. We were having a fight over who loves who more. (I totally won btw) Anyway, telling Seth about Jack put him in a better mood, then we started talking about Pokemon cause I just got HeartGold today :) Thanks to my grandma. It was 40 and I only had 36 cause the sales paper said 34.99. Target lies =.= So my grandma helped me out, then she bought me the strategy guide and a badass turtwig stylus. (It was either that or donkey kong). Right now, me and Seth are bought to wifi so he can trade me a vulpix :) since they dont have them in HG Dx and he, of course, has both games -_- I m jealous. I got the Ho-Oh figurine for free since they ordered too many xD RIP OFF! That thing is microscopic. My thoughts right now consist of pokemon and Jack. I REALLY like him. Sprinf break might actually be fun this year :)

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