Get Back - Demi Lovato

Ha, i am a mean person. So Sarah's having boyfriend/prom problems. So she told Trent her whole situation. He told her that he knew she would find someone. She thought he was hinting at something.. So, me being me I went to myspace and said.
"So uhmmm Sarah wants to know if you like her.... :&"
"As A friend :)"
"Oh ok.. well she just wanted to know cause when she was talking to you about prom...she thought you were hinting at something. And of course I'm the messenger -.-"
"Ummm no... I was just trying to be a good friend and cheer her up by saying she'd fine someone to go with."

Hahahhaahhaahahha I'm so mean! LOL!

So I'm glad I know he doesn't like her like that.

God i'm so evil... I love it >:)

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