Her Name Is Alice - Shinedown

I m fucking pissed right now. Youre calling me fucking selfish because I feel like I m losing my FRIEND? Yea Bry s worked hard to get where he is, and so have I. Just because you want a bigger fanbase doesnt mean you just focus on that. Thats all he s focused on right now, and I m selfish for pointing that out? Out of all of his old fans, he s been leaving ME out. Yes, I am selfish for saying that, but I didnt mentiin that once in my convo with Emily and Selina. I feel unneeded. Bry doesnt need my fucking help anymore, so why am I still here? I dont fucking care anymore. Since I m fucking BEGGING him to talk to me, I wont fucking talk to him anymore. I ll just go back to the time I didnt know he existed.

Fucking single me out like that. Dont EVER do that to me. Especially when its not just me. Fucking cunt.

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