Quotes From Culinary

Justen- You hear that Conor. She doesn't like beef and she's allergic to cucumbers.

Dude, he said this while we were in the school library. We were dying, haha.

Christa- No! i mean I like em, I just \...
Justen-Ohhh! you can look but you can't touch.

Christa- Conor has three stomachs
Me- So he's a cow
Kenneth- Cow's have four stomachs
Me-So he's a cow
Kenneth- Cow's have four stomachs
Conor- Actually I have six stomachs
Me- See, he's a mutated cow.
Christa- That explains all the nipples.

Alex- So youre a bastard child
Christa- Dont call me that
Alex- but thats what it is
Christa- i dont care, dont fucking call me that!
Alex- Fine whatever
Christa- Just...dont fucking call me that.

Kenneth- you turn right, turn right, turn left, turn left, til you almost his a wall then make an immediate right.

Daniel- It looks like pond water
Casey- Its not! Just drink it. i'll give you a dollar
Daniel- you said it was slimy!
Casey- Its no-- I was joking. Its just a little thick...and green. Chad! Drink this!
chad- What's in it?
Casey- Dont worry about it
Cierra- Now you know its nasty, haha
Casey- JESSE!
Jesse- No! No, no! turn around Joey, don't even come in here.

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