"Does he hate you?"

4 little words said by a 5-year old. It kinda stung when she said that. She had asked why my dad wasn't there. I said I didn't know. Then she says, "Does he hate you?" I didn't say anything. I acted as if I hadn't heard. Then she ran off to go play. Typical... I spent the rest of the night watching my 2-year old God-brother. I didn't have to. I chose to. The adults took over the tv, so that option was out. The little ones tool over the Wii, so that was out too. I was bored. EJ entertained me cause he was fine just playing with an empty gift bag and tissue paper. He hung with me the whole night. Which is unusual for him cause he's not a people person.
My dad has been distant lately. I keep saying to myself he doesn't hate us... but how can I be sure?


  1. i know how you feel...when i was little i didnt know why my dad wasnt around and someone also asked me if he hated me...the difference between your story and mine is that i cried for over a year about, because i really thought it was true. i didnt find out my parents were divorced till i was 8 and then i understood why he wasnt there but it always hurts when a parent is missing because its like part of you is missing too, but they're never fully gone and they'll always love you despite any doubts you may have, so dont worry everything will be fine :) he probably just needed a little time to himself, everyone needs a break