Seth The Sickest

The poor dear is sick :( He called me yesterday for no reason. Well actually the reason was cause he was bored and I'm his friend ;) I jumped cause I forgot I actually turned the sound on on my phone. I'm listening to Paper Airplanes by Phil Bensen then Do Or Die comes blaring out my phone.
Seth is fun when he's sick, haha. He straight up loses brain cells. I mean he's already random, but the randomness is above maximum when he's sick. Nhat Ha said I should post some of our random convos. Next time I'm on the phone with him I'll see if I remember that.
He played a trick on me, the jerk lol. Unlike most people tho, I didnt believe it. I didn't think he was behind it tho. He just kept laughing and I was like what? Its funny because he acts all innocent, so then you KNOW he did something.
I swear I post more blogs about him then I do myself

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