Take Me There by Susane Colasanti

This story is told in three character's POV. Usually I like stories told in this concept. But Susane had the character's speaking in the same voice, which I described as gangster/skater/surfer. The characters each had different labels, yet the talked exactly the same. I also didn't like how it started back at the beginning when it changed POV. I get you wanna tell what we missed, but that gets really boring. The story itself was really good if you ignore all the flaws I mentioned. Rhiannon (essentially the main character) gets dumped by her boyfriend, Steve, and by the end of the book, she finally gets together with best friend of four years, James (another POV). And then Nicole (The last POV) is really just a random part. Turns out she was abused by her dad and you don't find this out til the very end. Colasanti sends you on this wild chase where she's in love with her teacher and she keeps hinting that something's gonna happen between, but no, she was
sexually abused by her father! What a way to end a book!

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