Dayummm! Those Boys Expensive!

So yea, I emailed Disco Curtis's manager so I could find out how much it would cost to get them to me. $2000-3000... thats a lotta canolis! I dont know, but obviously they won't be playing my bday this year. Also, I'm trying to figure out what to get them. Garrett and Brendan are hard cause I know nothing about them. Garrett wouldn't answer my simple question. He just said "I'll love whatever you get :)" Grrr... and Brendan doesn't really reply back on Twitter and I'm pretty sure he hasn't accepted my myspace request yet. Idk... I guess I'll just wait to see them at Warped. Although, I did tell Seth that he should either call me or slip Tanner my number when he sees them at the Texas FTSK shows next week, lol.

I also emailed Jay about what you'd have to do to be a manager. He hasn't gotten back to me yet. Idky, but lately I've really been wanting to do something in music... Maybe not managing, but something. I can be a Merch Girl for all I care, just as long as I'm in the business.

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